People    I    Don't    Know    (But    Wish    I    Did)

I'm an insomniac, and late-night Web surfing has replaced my former nocturnal habit of grocery shopping (you don't have to put your shoes on or get in a car to surf the Web, and you don't end up buying weird food either.) And in my travels, I've run across more than a few really nifty people, who run sites devoted to poetry, thrifting, children's books, and all sorts of other delightful stuff. Perhaps I should make up an Insomniac Award for those sites that best entertain at three in the morning!

O Come All Ye Faithful Web-Travelers

Jumblelaya Stew
Jenniffer Lesh - that's right, this Jen has two n's and two f's to her name. Great poetry and snazzy graphics too.
Deborah Fleming's love affair with books is beautifully documented here.
Thrift Score
Al Hoff simply rules. Her (yes, her) book of the same name is a riot even if you're a novice thrifter like myself.
Kate Chenier
Her no-frills web design doesn't get in the way of her fierce poetic blasts. Angry and lovely work.
Sheryl Stover
Mild-mannered web designer by day, raving poet by night. Who knew?
Brain Candy
Not the Kids in the Hall website, but musings from a self-proclaimed "popular vulture" addict. Right on!
Chris Nolen
Actually, I used to work with Chris. But his pages are freakishly obsessive and yet strangely cool, so I thought I'd include them here anyway. Don't visit if you're not a MSTK fan!
Rachel Barenblat
Okay, I know Rachel too - met her at the Local Writer's Workshop some time back. Terrific writer and lovely person as well.

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