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Local Writer's Workshop
I'm not active here anymore, but it's still a great site.
Writer's Block
More writers. More Tripod. What's left to say?
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Mi casa es su casa...unfortunately, this casa is still being built. Don't trip over the bricks near the door! My name is Jenn King and I'm a 23-year-old student and writer, born on the West Coast, bred on the East, and currently situated in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio has been a funky, freaky experience for me (pros: warm weather 10 months a year; cons: warm weather 10 months a year.) I've discovered that surfing the Internet is a great air-conditioned activity, ideal for when it's 90-plus outside. In addition to keeping me cool, the Net also keeps me on top of some of my interests, passions, and hobbies, along with some truly amazing people I've been fortunate to meet.

addictions,    obsessions,    and    shameless    bragging

The addictions and obsessions include poetry (Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Louise Gluck),swimming, and Homicide (not the crime, the TV show.) I got a new job this summer, working as the Community Relations Coordinator for Borders@Quarry, which essentially means I get to play and promote books all day, and someone actually pays me for it. Off-duty, I'm also the children's book columnist for SA Kids, and I write the odd movie review for the UTSA Paisano. Click for a sample of my work. Do we have anything in common? If you love the written word as much as I do, let me know.

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