E-Zines and Other Literary Web Sites

Hungry Mind Review
well-considered essays by well-known writers.
Agnieszka's Dowry
I don't know how to pronounce it, either. But it's still a cool site.
Jazz me!
Maxi (formerly Bitch)
Hopefully the attitude hasn't changed along with the name. :)
The Alsop Review
fine e-zine - check out Jeniffer Lesh's work!
my newest find - and what a title!
the first and best anthology of Internet fiction
Truth in advertising - a unique blend of poetry and fiction here.
Southern Ocean Review
a nifty little mag from New Zealand
The Blender
One of my favorite appliances...
So I added the exclamation point. These ladies are worth it.
Go jump in the puddles...
Blue Moon Review
...there's a blue moon on the right...
BMR (no frames)
...and one on the left for we frame-challenged folks...
Hipper-than-thou e-zine, but at least they have Merrill Markoe.
Feed your poetry cravings.
A literary e-zine for the post-ironic age.
Urban Desires
look for their poetry and advice features

Poets and Writers of Note

Anne Sexton Archive
a weird abundance, indeed.
Sylvia Plath
I shall not entirely sit emptied of beauties...
Margaret Atwood's Home Page
Her morning in the burned house is my favorite book of poetry, hands down.
Diana Gabaldon's Home Page
Don't know who she is? Take a look...
Sherod Santos
a selection of poetry from my former professor, along with his wife.
Anne Sexton's Star
A nicely designed tribute page, with artwork from my friend Noah!
Anniilina's Alice Walker Page
Very informative site - lots of great links.
Ask E. Jean
Ye gods! The advice queen herself is online!
The Anne Lamott Site
Just go read - this lady is amazing.
Marge Piercy Homepage
Dazzling feminist fiction.

Miscellaneous Lit Links

Austin International Poetry Festival
Mark your calendars...
Black on White
solutions for writer's block found here.
The Virtual Fridge
on-line magnetic poetry kits - and much more!
The Inhabited Bookstore
Rates the well-known bookstore chains and some smaller ones.
Book Stacks
If Walden's doesn't have your favorite book, try finding it here.
Another handy resource for crazed bibliophiles.
A cross between PW and your local bookstore.
Domini's E-zine Database
Just what it says - all meticulously catalogued.
the largest indie bookstore in central Texas is on-line (yay!)
Borders Books and Music
What makes Borders cool? 1) They employ me, and 2) they co-sponsor Salon. "Nuff said.

Random Links

Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger Too!
cool graphics and quotes for the young at heart
University of Missouri - Columbia
my former alma mater - Go Tigers!
Addicted to Stuff
Compulsive consumers, collectors, and packrats welcome.
Homicide - Second Shift
Kellerman. Bayliss. Pembleton. Mmmm...
The Dilbert Zone
Need I say more?
Sassy Femme
Dontcha just love the name?
Dave Barry's columns
Exploding toilets, whales, etc. You know, your basic everyday news.
The Unofficial Politically Incorrect Home Page
Sarcastic white male humor at its best.
Jen Central
All the Jennifers of the world unite!
Networking with your feminine side.
Back to the front door...
Hungry? Head for the kitchen...
Come and read my poetry!
Meet some more total strangers!
Where else can you find me?